Ecosystem Builders

A community for those interested in creating, facilitating or the science of ecosystems. Want to be part of a more collaborative, inclusive society? Share your thoughts and experience? Connect with other players? Join here.

Welcome to Ecosystem Builders

We are a community run by The Gen.

We share thinking on how to make or facilitate great ecosystems where there is:

  • greater visibility of other players
  • effective and efficient collaboration
  • an informed understanding of what makes an ecosystem sing
  • shared knowledge and experience on what works - and doesn't

We host meetups and webinars to better connect our members and get stuff done.
We believe that everyone can benefit for a more diverse, collaborative, inclusive world. Breaking down silos, working together and hearing different voices can lead to greater creativity, more ambitious strategy and deeper fulfilment.
Shared knowledge through discusions, webinars and meetups.

Sharing data, tools, techniques etc.

Building better spaces to assist collaboration and connectivity.