WEAVE- The Community for Community Builders

This is a place where community builders can ask questions, share their experience and learn from each other. We are about building better communities. We share what works for us and what doesn't, what our biggest challenges are and how we can better serve the people who join the communities we are building. We are interested in learning, sharing resources and ideas about leadership, making decisions, empathy, trust and any challenge that we might face in the process of building better communities.

Welcome to WEAVE- The Community for Community Builders

We help each other to build up communities that make a difference. We share resources, we encourage honest conversations and we find creative ways of telling our story and supporting each other.
Change happens one person at a time. We are here because the small steps matter.
We are committed to creating communities that we can be proud of, trust and create a meaningful impact. 
Creating a space where we can all share and thrive.